AFN Sell-Out Chiefs Proclaim Anti-Olympic ‘Understanding’

Keep in mind that Phil Fontaine has made no effort to take action against a government he claims has failed our people - a government which continues its program of assault and genocide on Indigenous people (government initiated foster care and prisons have replaced residential school, our languages and cultures are not respected and our sacred connection to the land has been destroyed by government and corporate development and industrialization). Instead Phil and other sell-out chiefs work to strengthen their relationship with the government and plead to it to gain more access to funds - as if money will solve the problems he outlines below. The problems will not be alleviated until the Klanadian government, their corporate cronies and their security apparatus backs off Indigenous lands.

Also keep in mind that the AFN signed a protocol with the RCMP in 2004 that is currently being revamped for 2008. The protocol outlines how AFN will work WITH the RCMP to help resolve conflicts in Indigenous communities. Yet another example of how the AFN legitimizes and maintains Klanadian colonial law. At the last Day of Action Phil publicly condemned 'radicals', like Shawn Brant, who took less assimilative approaches and more direct avenues to end so called poverty - a by-product of Klanadas theft of Native lands (I wonder when Phil will connect the dots - publicly).

It is interesting however that Phil seemed compelled to address being a sell-out after two young Native women poured apples on his podium while he was announcing his partnership with the 2010 Olympic Games. Now apparently he is all for Native led Anti-Olympic disruptions.

From Settler Corporate Media:

2010 Olympics face the wrath of young natives, Fontaine warns

At the Vancouver meeting, two young women cut short Fontaine's speech on the "unprecedented opportunities" of the 2010 Olympics by rushing up and dumping a bag of apples on the podium.

"The point was that we're sellouts," he said, referring to the aboriginal insult of being red outside and white inside.

Linda Diebel
National Affairs Writer

Aboriginal leaders may be unable to stop protests and blockades from disrupting the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, warns National Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine.

"There's clearly that sentiment in parts of our community for sure," Fontaine told the Toronto Star editorial board yesterday, suggesting widespread despair among young Indians may prove more powerful than calls for compromise.

Nor could Fontaine guarantee the "National Day of Action" on May 29 will be peaceful – or that Ontarians can avoid another long summer of blockades over land disputes, such as the Six Nations protest at Caledonia, south of Hamilton.

"There are a lot of very angry young people out there – people who are very concerned about the approach we've taken," he said.

Leaders like himself are considered "sellouts" for suggesting the Olympic Games are going to benefit aboriginal people, as Fontaine did at a recent First Nations meeting in Vancouver. Too many people have seen the international attention garnered by recent Olympic Torch protests over China's crackdown against Tibet.

At the Vancouver meeting, two young women cut short Fontaine's speech on the "unprecedented opportunities" of the 2010 Olympics by rushing up and dumping a bag of apples on the podium.

"The point was that we're sellouts," he said, referring to the aboriginal insult of being red outside and white inside.

These young people, he said, do not believe the 2010 Olympics will end poverty and unresolved land claims, offer better schools or safe drinking water on reserves or "put an end to the terrible situation that causes families to give up their children to state care."

He was not surprised Auditor General Sheila Fraser's report yesterday cited aboriginal children as among the "most vulnerable" in Canada, noting they are eight times more likely to end up in the strained provincial foster-care systems than their non-aboriginal counterparts. Fraser stressed the reasons are linked to poverty, and not to a higher level of abuse among aboriginal families.

"It is not an easy situation. There is real desperation in our communities," said Fontaine, adding 27,000 aboriginal kids are in state care. "We have disaffected young people who see no hope for themselves and no sense of belonging."

He expressed frustration with the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for inaction on a number of fronts.

After coming to power in 2006, the government ignored the Kelowna Accord, in which the previous Liberal government – with the backing of provincial and aboriginal representatives – pledged to spend $5 billion over 10 years to improve education, health and quality of life in native communities.

There are 29 First Nations communities without a school and 27 others where schools are dilapidated. Said Fontaine: "We are unable to understand why the government doesn't do the right thing and (make) an appropriate and fair investment in our children."

The May 29 action day is, said Fontaine, "a challenge to the government of Canada to really listen to what we have been saying and to stop imposing its view of what needs to be done."

He praised the creation of the Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a five-year enterprise to examine the treatment meted out to Indian children forcibly educated for decades by government and church authorities, who "tried to take away our identity as Indians."

The Harper government has pledged to apologize, possibly this spring, but Fontaine says he did not learn details in a recent meeting with the Prime Minister.

At 53, Fontaine is himself a victim, not just of the residential schools program but also of sexual abuse at his live-in school in the Manitoba Ojibwa community of Sagkeeng. It began when he was 10.

As grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs in 1991, he was the first leader to go public with his own raw personal story.

The fate of many children who went away to residential schools is simply unknown, with no statistics on how many were abused or killed.

For the first time, it is hoped that government and church records will be opened to show the outcome for aboriginal children who never came home.

These children are, said Fontaine, "the missing chapter in Canadian history."




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(original video clips were erased (by youtube) so these new ones have taken their place).





2010 OLYMPIC RESISTANCE - report back and discussion

**All community members welcome**

Tuesday, April 1st. 7:30pm
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center, Theatre Room.
1607 Hastings Street East, corner Commercial

2010 Resistance! Report Back from Dustin Johnson of the Ts'mksiyen Nation
and Kanahus Pellkey of the Native Youth Movement, who completed an
Anti-Olympic East Coast Tour earlier this year. Discussion to follow "How
can we build our movement stronger?"

Organized by the Native 2010 Resistance and the Native Youth Movement
For questions: email indigenous.free.school@gmail.com

* More information on Indigenous No 2010 East Coast Speaking Tour

Dustin Johnson of the Ts'mksiyen Nation and Kanahus Pellkey of the Native
Youth Movement just completed a 20-stop speaking tour against the 2010
Winter Olympics.

- Photos: http://photos.cmaq.netv/no2010/
- CBC coverage:
- McGill Daily: http://www.mcgilldaily.com/view.php?aid=6953



As most of you know Harriet Nahanee was a strong supporter of both John Graham and Leonard Peltier. And as most know all three Indigenous people (Harriet, John and Leonard) experienced political imprisonment for their actions to stop destruction and left of Indigenous lands...

John Graham is a Southern Tutchone from the Yukon Territory. He is
currently imprisoned at the Pennington County Jail in Rapid City, South
Dakota, and his trial date has been set for June 17, 2008. John Graham was
arrested in Vancouver in December 2003, and after a prolonged legal battle
including leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, he was
extradited to South Dakota in December 2007. The allegations against John
are of murdering fellow AIM member and Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Anna Mae Pictou in 1975. John Graham denies he killed Anna Mae.

In the mid-1970s, AIM was carrying out armed stand-offs in defense of the
land including the 1973 standoff at Wounded Knee in South Dakota. As a
result, AIM was the one of the primary targets of the COINTELPRO
counter-intelligence program aimed to weaken, confuse, and arouse
suspicion amongst AIM members. At different times, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash,
Leonard Peltier and John Graham all said they were offered their freedom
if they collaborated with the FBI against other AIM members; they all
refused. On the killing of Anna Mae, former FBI regional director Norm
Zagrossi has himself stated it “looked like a cover-up” . Ellen Klaver, a
journalist in Colorado who has followed the story for three decades, has
observed that, “Whoever was involved, the FBI was the architect.” Both the
B.C. Supreme Court extradition judge and the B.C. appeal court ruled there
were deficiencies in the record of the case given to the courts by U.S.

However the 1999 Extradition Treaty between the United States and Canada
lowers the burden of proof to include hearsay evidence, which would not be
admitted in a Canadian criminal court. Graham and his lawyers have stated
they would welcome a trial in Canada, where the fake evidence could be
exposed. A key witness Arlo-Looking Cloud recanted his testimony stating
that he was coerced and under the influence of alcohol. Another
prosecution witness Kamook Banks admitted she was paid $43,000 to
cooperate with the FBI.

Graham has received support from a wide range of organizations including
Canadian Labour Congress, Native Youth Movement, Chief Capilano of the
Squamish Nation, BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education, BC Hospital
Employees Union, Stopwar.ca, Council of Yukon First Nations, BC Federation
of Labour. Amnesty International has also stated their concern about the
lack of a fair trial, given the clear parallels to Leonard Peltier.
Peltier was extradited from Vancouver in 1976; now widely known on false
evidence. In 1979 former US solicitor general Warren Allmand acknowledged
this and formally "apologized", yet he remains behind bars as one of the
most well-known political prisoners of our time.

The US government, with Canadian government complicity and cooperation, is
intent on repressing the last remnants of AIM. Graham’s current legal
struggle reflects the political repression faced by Indigenous people who
struggle against state and corporate control over Native lands and
resources and reflects the ongoing reality of the “Indian Wars”.


==> Websites:

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==> Interview with John Graham:

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Vancouver Sun: Who killed Anna Mae?

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Common Ground: BC Supreme Court set to decide Graham’s extradition fate

Georgia Straight Article:

Aboriginal Title and International Law: The Occupation of BC, Iraq, the
West Bank, and the Extradition Cases of Sittting Bull, Leonard Peltier,
James Pitawanakwat, and John Graham by Anthony Hall, University of


Event to Honor Warrior and Elder Harriet Nahanee


Five females from the N2010R and also repping other groups/Nations traveled to Coast Salish Territory (colonial Victoria) on March 1st, 2008, for an event put on by the Camas Center to honor Pacheedaht Warrior and Elder Harriet Nahanee.

A Nuu-chah-nulth women who was speaking for a family from the Pacheedaht Nation said that due to cultural protocol speakers were not allowed to mention Harriet's name or show pictures of her for another 4 years until the family has had their own memorial. But the bulk of Indigenous speakers (including a comrade of hers for at least 10 years who had brought Harriet back home, and numerous Indigenous people from all across "BC" who had immense respect and admiration for Harriet's Life, Struggle and Commitment) got up and talked about how last year the family had said it was one year and not four years. The speakers also talked about how the efforts to silence Harriet's voice through the exploitation of culture were concerning. The event still served as a place where all voices were freed and able to speak about our comrade in struggle. One of the indigenous speakers donated a picture of Harriet to the Camas Center - the bookstore that the event was held in.

The event was also a place to discuss land reclamations, and talk about the destruction of Indigenous lands due to Crown and corporate development and industrialization.

The Complacent Faces of the Fortress

Cheryl Bryce of the Songhees First Nation talked about Spaet (Bear in English) Mountain (the colonial name is Skirt Mountain). She explained how caves on this mountain were being destroyed by resort development. A number of us visited the area and witnessed how Spaet mountain is being destroyed by golf course, condo (many which sit empty half the year when it is 'off season'), and parkway development. The destruction is the result of a Crown land grant of 44 Hectares to 'Bear Mountain' for 1.05 million. According to Ben Isitt, "The outstanding issue of protecting sites on SPAET Mountain considered sacred by Indigenous people must be addressed. Many sites continue to be at risk and damaged. Songhees Lands Manager Cheryl Bryce is banned from the Bear Mountain Property. In December, Bryce was prevented from taking part in an impact assessment of the cave."

Hungry Visitors (Tourists) enjoying stolen land.

Ski resort development in Nlaka'Pamux territory was also discussed. A Nlaka'Pamux woman spoke about the mess that the development has made on her territory. Westscapes Development Inc. has made a preliminary application to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office for a resort between Hope and Merritt. It's described as a "comprehensive resort and village development" with ski runs, an 18-hole golf course, conference facilities, a spa and aquatic centre. The new application was submitted under the name Coquihalla Pass Resort and the Nlaka'Pamux woman explained how development of the highway has already disrupted Juliet Creek berry picking and hunting grounds.

According to a Merritt Herald article published on February 18, 2008:

The resort is also to include parking for 2,000 vehicles, an on-site road system and 3,300 dwelling units including hotel rooms, condos, townhouses, single family houses and staff accommodation. The proposal also includes 60,000 square feet of commercial space, including skier services, food and beverage and retail space".

This speaker also discussed in depth Tuchone Warrior John Graham, and his illegal extradition. This issue was talked about a lot throughout the evening by numerous people. It is a topic many people have interest in learning more about and organizing around. For more information see: http://www.grahamdefense.org/. The criminalization of dissent especially of Indigenous people resisting corporate invasion is being accelerated by the 2010 Olympics.

A woman from the Heiltsuk First Nation talked about fish farm expansion in her territory and the resistance in her and other Indigenous territories.
The Nine Allied Tsimshian Tribes of Lax Kw'alaams (NATT) rejected salmon farms in 2000. They believe this industry is the latest disaster in a long history of fisheries mismanagement that destroyed cod in the Atlantic and is now threatening B.C.'s salmon.

Small-scale netcage salmon farming in BC began in the early 1970s. Today, farmed salmon has become BC's largest legal agricultural export. Salmon farms are found throughout the coast of British Columbia, with the heaviest concentration in the Broughton Archipelago off northern Vancouver Island. Most salmon farm expansion is occurring in the Great Bear Rainforest, directly threatening this fragile ecosystem.

The Six Nations Land Reclamation was discussed poignantly by a Onondaga Woman. She talked about the lack of "canada" to act legally as a Nation and thus the inability to claim legitimacy to rule the people and treat Indigenous people as wards of the court. For more information about the site, check out: http://www.reclamationinfo.com/phpBB2/index.php

Indigenous Resistance to the 2010 Olympic Games was discussed, its history and what is happening now.

A discussion with the audience ensued about how imperative it is to unite with the grassroots people. One woman from Ireland explained that colonizers have 'one bag of tricks': to divide and conquer the people and thus stressed the need for us to come together...


Members of the Native 2010 Resistance disrupt AFN and Four Host First Nations photo op'

For More on AFN and Four Host First Nation Window Dressing:



On February 18, 2008, members of the Native 2010 Resistance disrupted an Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and Four Host First Nations (FHFN) photo op at the Sutton Hotel, located on Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver).

Indigenous women From the Native 2010 Resistance poured bags of apples onto the podium where National Chief Phil Fontaine was announcing “First Nations participation and volunteer opportunities with the 2010 Olympics”. Like apples, Phil Fontaine and the Four Host First Nations sell-out chiefs are red skinned but white on the inside, bargaining off Indigenous lands for profit. Fontaine tried to keep his composure, his podium filled with apples as Native women yelled in front of his face “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!” and told the small crowd “You should all be ashamed of yourselves for contributing to the rape and destruction of Mother Earth!.”

Indigenous resistance against the games has been snowballing as more are learning about Olympic industrial development and destruction taking place on Skwxwú7mesh-ulh (Squamish), Lil’wat, St’at’imc, Stölo, Nlaka'Pamux, and Secwepemc Native Lands.

While the Four Host First Nations claim to have avid support, the room that the media event took place in was nearly empty for the first 20 minutes and filled to a measly 15 people with only one media personnel to take advantage of the ‘photo op’. There was also no security at the event or around the hotel during the affair.

The AFN, which is the so called “national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada”, will assist the Four Host First Nations and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) in distributing a series of newsletters that will provide information on how to volunteer at the Winter Games. The AFN will also make available other opportunities for First Nations peoples to participate in the Games including the Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay, Cultural Olympiad, and employment and procurement opportunities.

According to conversations at the event today, Four Host First Nation’s reps expect over 350 First Nations volunteers for the 2010 Olympics. However, the prospect seems daunting given the mounting resistance against and knowledge of the negative impacts on Indigenous lands, and related Indigenous homelessness and poverty. Native youth, Elders, women, and men are growing more skeptical about participating in the 2010 Games and are fighting back.

The Native Resistance vows to continue to disrupt events that support the 2010 Olympic Games and contribute to the theft of Indigenous lands, to homelessness and poverty.




Approxmately 150 protesters, mainly Indigenous Women, Elders, Youth and Warriors marched on Feb 11, 2008 from the Vancouver Art gallery to the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Gordon Campbell (Premier of occupied 'BC')and the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) were hosting a "Countdown to 2010 Luncheon".

The estimated cost of the olympics so far is $800 million, and the Canadian military will be brought to the city to help with "security".

*Corporate Coverage:

* Raw footage of rally:


The below Native 2010 Resistance Statement explains an Indigenous perspective of the anti-2010 opposition.


Native 2010 Resistance: Feb 11, 2008

The Native 2010 resistance was established in December of 2007. We represent the Skwxwú7mesh-ulh (Squamish), Lil’wat, Stölo, St’at’imc, Nlaka'Pamux, Secwepemc, Kwakwaka'wakw, Haida, Carrier, Wet'suwet'en, Nisga’a, Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Gitnyow, Tuchone, Cree, Annishnabe, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida nations.

We stand in full confrontation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC), 2010 Legacies Now, the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Canadian Government and corporations supporting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

We are here to expose to the world that we have never welcomed the Olympics and we continue to resist corporate Olympic invasion, development and industrialization of Mother Earth. Already Olympic construction and expansion of roads, highways and ski-resorts (including fake snow made with sewage) has disrupted and destroyed trap lines, hunting grounds, salmon stocks, mountain animal habitats and sacred sites.

Our blood and the blood of the land has been spilled for the Games and the government to profit. Despite VANOC’s claim to be the most ‘green games’, so far they are demonstrating to be the most ‘blood red games’.

Supposedly so called BC is the ‘best place to live on earth’, yet for Indigenous people, ‘British Columbia’ has only served to wreak havoc on their lives and land. Olympic myth making and corporate brainwashing attempts to hide the facts that while Canada remain one of the richest countries, it remains home to approximately 300,000 homeless people, while another 1.7 million residents struggle with housing affordability issues. Indigenous people account for 30% of this homeless population, despite making up under 5% of the total population.

While the Olympic organizers operate with a budget of almost $2 billion (costs for the Vancouver’s Trade and Convention Centre alone has reached almost $900 million) and other costs to government surpassing an estimated $6 billion, Vancouver is now home to North America’s fastest growing homelessness crisis. Dozens of low-income hotels and apartment buildings are being converted to condominiums to house the rich.

We are also concerned about the prominence of an abusive and violent police state. The death of Frank Paul, Gerald Chenery, Connie Jabobs, and hundreds of other Indigenous people, points to the racist and heightened state of police brutality that is being accelerated by the Olympics. There is a growing concern about the new militarization of police that is focused on terrorism, new weapons and training and the targeting of Indigenous people. At Sun Peaks (Skwelkwek'welt) ski resort near Kamloops, over 70 arrests have been made of mostly Secwepemc youth & elders.

We hold the Canadian government, the British Columbian (BC) and Canadian Judicial systems working in conjunction with VANOC responsible for the death of Indigenous Elder and Warrior Harriet Nahanee , and acknowledge her death and the persecution of Indigenous dissent as a direct result of the Canadian Government’s objective to drive out opposition in order to make room for the Olympics 2010. There can be no justification for the targeting, imprisonment and death of an esteemed Indigenous Elder.

We acknowledge that the Olympics will encourage sex tourism and hence living in extreme poverty, many Indigenous woman and children will be forced into the sex trade. Aboriginal women and children need safety from poverty and violence, and we disagree that a sex brothel should be afforded amnesty from the city and/or government to accommodate business investors and tourists.

We reject VANOC’s mockery and ridicule of Indigenous cultures through the Olympic mascots and the Olympic logo. Our sacred stories and symbols are misappropriated and demonstrates theft of Indigenous stories, and aspects of our culture.

The Four Host First Nations do not speak for us, or represent us, they are merely window dressing for the atrocities our Indigenous people face everyday. They do not represent the poor, the homeless, or the common Indigenous people, they represent the rich and continue to collaborate with governments and corporations for profit that will benefit very few Indigenous people.

We stand strong in our fight against the 2010 Olympics and will continue to resist Olympic poverty and homelessness, the theft and exploitation of Indigenous land, cultural appropriation and police violence.


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Native Youth Resistance to the Games

NYM Tour

Prince George Coverage of Feb 11 events

McGill Coverage of NYM Tour




The Winter Olympics is set to commence on February 12-27th 2010.
Already today in 2008 Indigenous people, the poor, and the homeless
are experiencing the affects of the Games. The vast destruction of
mountains, old growth forests, streams, hunting and fishing grounds
and delicate ecosystems in which are relied on by Indigenous people;
the closures of social housing and low income hotels; the high and
increasing rate of homelessness; and the criminalization of Indigenous
people and the poor are all part of the lead up to the 2010 Olympics.


Indigenous communities in the interior and on the coast of so called
British Columbia including the Secwepemc people of Skelkwek'welt, the
St'at'imc of Sutikalh, and the Pilalt of Cheam have been critiquing
and resisting the objectives and activities of the 2010 Olympics since
2000. The threat and reality of new ski-resort development in the
province has prompted other groups, such as the Nlaka'Pamux Nation in
defense of the Coquihalla to take action. In all of these communities
hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to build new and
expand existing ski-resorts in order to accommodate tourists and
Olympian trainers for 2010. The mega-development on these Indigenous
lands has already disrupted hunting and fishing grounds and destroyed
sacred sites.

In the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (which is home to an
overrepresentation of Indigenous people) 514 low-income housing units
were lost between June 2003 and June 2005. Almost 300 low-income
housing units have been lost in the same time period to rent
increases. Over 126,000 people in 56,000 households in Greater
Vancouver are at risk of homelessness according to the 2001 Canada
census. The massive influx of tourists in 2010 will encourage the
closures of more low-income housing and advance gentrification in
order to accommodate and appease the hungry visitors.


The Olympic mascots will help raise $46 million in merchandising
royalties on total sales of $500 million. The primary goal of the
mascots is to engage children in the Games. There are three official
2010 Olympic mascots and a 'mascot sidekick' that take the shape of
'mythical' animals that are to resemble a cross hybrid of First
Nations creatures and Japanese animation figures.

The four mascots were created by Vancouver-based children's
illustrator Vicki Wong and her partner, Los Angeles-based Michael
Murphy. The stuffed animals are as follows:

Sumi is an animal spirit wearing the green hat of an orca, with the
wings of the legendary thunderbird and the legs of a black bear. He's
the Paralympic Games mascot. Sumi's name comes from the Salish word
"Sumesh" which means "guardian spirit.

Miga is a young sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod,
out past Vancouver Island near Tofino, British Columbia. She also like
to surf and snowboard.

Quatchi is a sasquatch that dreams of being a hockey goalie. He also
has an Inukshuk tattoo on his arm.

Mukmuk, a' bonus mini-mascot', is a Vancouver Island marmot who will
play a "sidekick" role.

The mascots point to the problem of cultural appropriation; the
phenomenon that takes place when the 'dominant culture' (white
society) takes aspects of Indigenous cultures to validate or enrich
their own. In terms of the Olympics, the mascots are used as a (cute
and mocking) way to demonstrate Indigenous participation in the games
and to depict the 'color and vibrancy' of the Olympics in Vancouver.
In reality, the mascots bastardize sacred parts of Indigenous cultures
and condense elaborate meanings into simple and silly amusement
playthings. The Olympics mascots play into the use and abuse our
cultures for entertainment, while pretending issues like exploitation,
land theft and oppression do not exist.


The Squamish and Lil'wat band councils made a deal with government
and the Bid Corporation, including $20 million in land and money, and
a Squamish-Lil'wat Cultural Center to be built in nearby Whistler. In
2007, the costs expanded to $28 million, funded by the BC government,
INAC, Bell Canada, and other corporations. For receiving 122 hectares
of land zoned for industrial use, rural recourses and recreation (like
golf courses), the band councils agreed not to contest the expansion
of Whistler's boundaries into their territories.

The Four Host First Nations is an official Indigenous Olympic
Organization. The FHFN was established "to take advantage of
opportunities including economic, and establish a clear First Nations
presence on the Games.." (Nov. 24, 2004 press release).

The FHFN is composed of the Squamish, Musquem, Tseil-Watuth (Burrard)
and St'at'imc (at Mount Currie) band councils in traditional
territories where 2010 events are to occur in both Vancouver and
Whistler. It was established in November 2004 with an aim to act as
an official Indigenous Olympic Partner; to provide traditional
openings and welcomings for VANOC and Olympic events; to exploit
Indigenous culture, peoples, and lands for 2010; and to provide
legitimacy for the Olympic industry.

VANOC also attempts to co-op the Indigenous PEOPLE, not just the
chiefs and CEOS, in an attempt to quell dissent and portray and
peaceful relationship (one that has never existed between Indigenous
people and Canada).

A walk known as the "Reconciliation Walk"
(http://www.peopletogether.ca/), which was ceremonial blessed this
summer will showcase Aboriginal people walking across the Burrard
Bridge in September 2008 to show off our "First Nations, Métis and
Inuit" "color, culture, and vibrancy" under the umbrella of
"reconciliation" as a lead up to the 2010 Olympics. Knowing that
cultural genocide, land theft, criminalization and murder of our
people happens daily at the hands of Klananda, it is far fetched to
think that reconciliation is possible at this point. This tactic of
assimilation, with the use of culture as a cover, is text book
collaboration and utilized in an attempt to demand the "undivided
attention" of ALL ["cultures"] to the 2010 games whereas the reality
is they simply divide oppressed communities more by tokenizing some
voices (they want to hear) and by silencing others (they don't want to


The Olympic City Brothel was proposed in November 2007 as a co-op
brothel under the guise of making it safe for sex workers in Vancouver
in 2010. The city of Vancouver is now considering making an exemption
to the law to enable the legal operation of this brothel for the
two-week period of the 2010 Olympics.

The trafficking of women, in which Indigenous women and migrant women
are overrepresented, is a key feature of the Olympics as it is one of
the easiest illegal "commodities" to move. It also helps to
accommodate Olympic investors, businessmen and tourists who will come
to the Games to spend and "experience".

An estimated 10,000 sex workers plied their trade during the 2000
Olympics in Sydney, many imported from abroad. More than 40,000 women
and girls were brought to Athens for the 2004 Summer Games. For the
2006 World Cup in Germany, more than 20,000 women were imported.
Investors and businessmen who come to the 2010 games are inevitability
on the look out for cheap lands, resources and women.


In the city, the Olympic lead up has already had an impact on
Indigenous people. Harriet Nahanee's death, caused by her poor
treatment in a BC jail where she was imprisoned for protesting the
expansion of the Sea to Sky Highway, signaled a call for action. When
we fight to keep our Indigenous lands, to keep affordable housing and
against homelessness, we are criminalized. With over $175 million
being spent on security, there is no question we will be targets of
state oppression more than we already are. It is no secret that the
Olympics are linked with repressive laws. According to Maryanne Abbs,
author of 'Massacres and Profits: A Brief History of the Olympics',
"The games have been used as a convenient cover for permanent
repressive laws and to create new police and military units. In Sydney
there were four cops for each athlete at the Games for a total of
35,000 police and security guards, 4000 troops and elite commando
units, and Black Hawk helicopters."

In Vancouver the "eye in the sky" will include hundreds of security
cameras, spy planes, intelligence agents, police and soldiers.

Those who have stood up to defend their lands have been deeply
criminalized by the Canadian state. So far there have been hundreds of
arrests of Indigenous people (with an emphasis on Indigenous youth and
Elders) who have protested the Olympics 2010 and its objectives. While
some Native leaders, as part of the "Four Host First Nations" have
given their "ceremonial blessings" to the 2010 Olympics and have
gained economically many Indigenous people realize the political
reality - that many of our people have to endure brutal conditions
when disposed of land, on the street, in unfit living conditions, and
in prison as a result of the Olympics 2010.

In this regard, it is important not to confuse "ceremonial blessings
with genuine political consent". Our people are resisting the
Olympics, and a small handful of sell-out chiefs collaborators are
benefiting at an individual level.

Native people stands against the destruction of the land, the
non-recognition of Indigenous sovereignty and inherent rights,
poverty, homelessness, and criminalization that the Olympics 2010 has
brought and will bring.


REFUSE TO BE IGNORANT about the Games. Gather more information and
learn more about what the Olympics plan to do in your community, and
take action. Throughout BC there are several Olympic venues being
built in towns to train Olympic athletes. Let your community know and
work together to oppose the 2010 Olympics.

Check out:

RESIST OPPRESSION that you experience or witness. The lead up to the
games has already caused a colossal of damage, and we know you've seen
it. There are several campaigns against the Olympics happening all
over Klanada. Find out how you can get involved or better yet, take
initiative and create your own actions, groups, media or movement.
Speak up, Act up, Take Action.

RISE ABOVE.. Why wait? Do something today. Create your own magazine or
zine, organize a community forum against the Olympics, make a movie
about the Games, throw a movie night about the destruction of the
Games, host a tour of Indigenous speakers in your community, do art
against the Olympics, write an article………..do something Anti-2010!


NO OLYMPICS ON STOLEN NATIVE LAND!!!!! Speaking Tour Visits Great Lakes & East Coast



With Kanahus Pellkey from the Native Youth Movement and Dustin Johnson of the Ts'mksiyen Nation.

January 2, 2008

With the 2010 Winter Olympics scheduled to occur on unceded Coast Salish, St’at’imc and Squamish territory in two years, the spectacle surrounding them continues to wreak havoc on Indigenous people, the poor, and the Mother Earth. In Spirit of Resistance to colonialism, with the 2010 Olympics as a main target, Kanahus Pellkey of the Native Youth Movement and Dustin Johnson of the Ts'mksiyen Nation are touring throughout the Great Lakes and the East Coast in January and February 2008.

“By them choosing to have the Olympics here, it’s opening up our land, our sacred sites, and our medicine grounds,” says Kanahus Pellkey. “We want investors to know our land is not for sale.” Pre-Olympic fever occupies the province of BC, and the economic excitement has massively accelerated gentrification and the building of highways, resorts, and condos. The construction of infrastructure for the 2010 Olympics itself is adding to extensive destruction of traditional homelands of the local Indigenous peoples.

In October 2007, more than 1500 Indigenous people representing communities across this hemisphere held the Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of America, on Yaqui territory in Vicam, Sonora, Mexico. They stated in their final declaration, “We reject the 2010 Winter Olympics on sacred and stolen territory of Turtle Island–Vancouver, Canada.” This speaking tour is strengthened by this momentum, and by the knowledge that hundreds, if not thousands of Indigenous people now plan to attend the Olympic Games, not in celebration, but in Resistance to the danger the Olympics poses to Indigenous lands, identity, culture, health, livelihoods, and to future generations.

The Native Youth Movement is a Movement of Native youth that works to revive traditional knowledge and inspire Native youth to defend their Peoples and Territories.

Kanahus Pellkey is a Secwepemc and Ktnuxa Warrior and a spokesperson for the Secwepemc chapter of the NYM. She has been jailed before for fighting against the illegal occupation and theft of Secwepemc Lands for the Sun Peaks ski-resort, and is active in opposing the 2010 Olympics.

Dustin Johnson is a member of the Ts'mksiyen Nation and is active in organizing anti-colonial resistance to the 2010 Olympics.

The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement-Guelph did much of the core organizing of the tour. IPSM-Guelph works in solidarity with Indigenous struggles for self-determination and control of their traditional territories.

To get involved, help out, or ask questions, contact healingtheearth@resist.ca.


Tour Dates (a few are still in the works):

Windsor * Saturday January 19
Guelph * Sunday January 20
Six Nations * Monday January 21
Toronto * Tuesday January 22
Hamilton * Wednesday January 23
Six Nations * Thursday January 24
Peterborough * Friday January 25
Tyendinaga * Saturday January 26
Sharbot Lake * Sunday January 27
Kingston * Monday January 28
Akwesasne * Tuesday January 29
Kahnawake * Wednesday January 30
Kahnasatake * Thursday January 31
Ottawa * Friday February 1
Montreal * Saturday February 2
Penobscot * Sunday February 3
Portland * Monday February 4
Boston * Tuesday February 5
Binghamton * Wednesday February 6
Ithaca * Thursday February 7


More information:

The Olympic organizers operate with a budget of almost $2 billion, and other costs to government surpass $6 billion. Despite all the Olympic-related mega development, Vancouver is now home to North America’s fastest growing homelessness crisis. Indigenous people account for 30% of this homeless population, despite making up only 2% of the total population in the province.

Dozens of low-income hotels and apartment buildings are being converted to unaffordable condominiums. As thousands of people are forced from their homes, they are then criminalized for being homeless. Private security firms are hired by the city to further police the streets, long-running squats are shut down, and social services are more stressed and threatened than ever. The solution of the municipal and provincial governments and the police is to ignore the root cause, and instead pay people to leave Vancouver and repress those who stay.

The darker side of the 2010 Olympics is further apparent by examining how their sponsors and supporters are some of the most destructive companies on Turtle Island. These include:

• Petro-Canada, one of Canada’s largest producers of oil and gas,
• TransCanada, one of the continent’s largest transporters of oil and gas,
• Canadian Pacific Railway, long an integral tool of colonization,
• Hudson’s Bay Company, another company responsible for the colonization and theft of Indigenous land,
• General Electric, one of the world’s top three producers of military aircraft engines and major producer of nuclear power plants,
• General Motors, long a top contractor for the Canadian military and now the world’s largest automobile manufacturer,
• Dow Chemical, the world’s second largest chemical manufacturer and cause of the Bhopal, India disaster,
• Bell Canada, who’s CEO is one of the top corporate architects of the Security and Prosperity Partnership.


There is of course so much more that could be said. For further reading, see:



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As most of you know, Harriet Nahanee was a great supporter of John Graham.
Yesterday he was Extradited to the US....please show your support for him by forwarding this message or attending the press conference tomorrow (Saturday December 8th, 2007).

****All supporters of John Graham are invited and encouraged to please attend
this emergency press conference to show your support for John Graham and
his family.****



==> Saturday December 8 @ 10:30 am at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson Side)
==> Press Conference with Statements from the family of John Graham and

Friday December 7, 2007 – The family of John Graham and supporters of
John Graham will be making statements to the media about John Graham's
extradition to the United States on Thursday December 6, 2007 after a
refusal by the Supreme Court of Canada to hear Graham's appeal.

His supporters continue to criticize the unjust extradition process and
the allegations that Graham murdered Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Anna Mae Pictou.
Former FBI regional director Norm Zagrossi has himself stated it "looked
like a cover-up" (CBC The Fifth Estate). Rex Wyler, Pulitzer-prize winning
journalist and author, has raised many doubts about the evidence against
John Graham.

John Graham has received support letters from a wide range of
organizations including Canadian Labour Congress, Native Youth Movement,
Chief Capilano of the Squamish Nation, BC Teachers for Peace and Global
Education, BC Hospital Employees Union, Stopwar.ca, Council of Yukon First
Nations, BC Federation of Labour. Amnesty International has also stated
concern about the lack of a fair trial.

Both the B.C. Supreme Court extradition judge and the B.C. appeal court
ruled there were deficiencies in the record of the case given to the
courts by U.S. officials. However the 1999 Extradition Treaty between the
United States and Canada lowers the burden of proof to include hearsay
evidence, which would not be admitted in a Canadian criminal court. Graham
and his lawyers have previously stated they would welcome a trial in
Canada, where the fake evidence could be exposed.

A key witness Arlo-Looking Cloud recanted his testimony stating that he
was coerced and under the influence of alcohol. Another prosecution
witness Kamook Banks admitted she was paid $43,000 to cooperate with the
FBI. One witness Al Gates that U.S. Attorney Robert Mandel stated would be
available for trial had been dead for nine months. Another witness Frank
Dillon has denied making any incriminating statements against Graham.

Supporters claim there are parallels to Leonard Peltier, who was
extradited from Vancouver in 1976 based on FBI affidavits signed by Myrtle
Poor-Bear, who claimed to be Peltier's girlfriend. It is now widely
reported that Poor-Bear had never met Peltier and had been intimidated by
the FBI. In 1979 former US solicitor general Warren Allmand acknowledged
this and formally apologized. 50 Canadian MPs have since submitted an
amicus curiae recognizing the grave mistake made in Peltier's extradition.

Between 1973-75, an estimated 67 American Indian Movement members or
associates were killed in South Dakota by Bureau of Indian Affairs police
and a paramilitary squad- Guardians of the Oglala Nation (GOON's). By this
time, the FBI had also targeted AIM with a counter-insurgency campaign
entitled COINTEL-PRO (Counter-Intelligence Program). COINTEL-PRO was also
used to target communist & socialist groups, the anti-Vietnam War
movement, and the Black Panther Party.

- 30 -

Harriet passes into the Spirit world with the Mohawk Warrior Flag


    Ts'iin, Welcome to the Spirit of Warrior Harriet Nahanee Site. This weblog is dedicated to Harriet’s Actions, the sacrifice she made for the future generations and the legacy she left us.

    We believe in carrying on Harriet’s legacy in the form of actions expressing dissent of colonization, injustice and oppression. It is the Olympics 2010 (VANOC) in conjunction with the KKKanadian state, and the KKKanadian and BC justice systems that are responsible for the death of Harriet Nahanee, the deepening of poverty and homelessness in Vancouver, specifically the Downtown Eastside, and the massive theft of Indigenous lands and the denial of Indigenous rights.

    There is only one way to stop the destruction and that is by fighting back. This site will help connect people and help you get information on updates, but we urge you to join in actions on the ground happening across on Coast Salish Territory and in BC.

    If you would like harcopies of any of the articles on this blog, you can email us at harrietspirit @ gmail.com


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